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Red Sox World Series Playoffs in Full Swing!
October 05, 2018
It's no secret that the Red Sox have been on fire this season, maintaining the number one spot in the AL East all season long and setting an incredible franchise record of 108 wins. Tonight, everything could change as The Boston Red Sox take on the New York Yankees at Fenway Park to kick off the ALDS, on a quest towards another World Series Win!

This is baseballs biggest and best rivalry and the expectations have never been higher for a Red Sox team that has lost two straight division series. Our good friends at Boston Sports Journal weighed in with their expertise, Sean McAdam quoted below: - The consensous - Anything can happen in this series.

"You might think that, after covering the 2018 Red Sox since Day 1 of spring training, all the way through a six-month, 162-game season, I would have a pretty good idea about what to expect from this team as the postseason gets underway Friday night.Think again.The truth is, the ultimate destination for this team's playoff run is unknown. They could get hot, steamroll opponents the way they often did during the course of the season, and wind up as 2013 world champions.Or, they could get knocked off in the Division Series for the third straight October, sent home just as things are getting interested.Frankly, neither would surprise me."

Us Boston fans are proudly and undeniably some the most dedicated, die hard fans on the planet. But of all the sports and pennants that hang throughout the city, nothing made us prouder than the 2004 World Series Win which reversed the "Curse of The Bambino"

The first two games commence at Fenway Park Friday 10/5 at 7:30 pm and Saturday 10/6 at 8:15 pm, If you cant make it to Fenway then there is no better place to catch every nail biting minute of the playoff action than Scoreboard alongside some of the best Boston Sports Fans in the region! We will have the games streaming on all of our GIANT- HD TV'S for the ultimate viewing experience. We're also fresh out of a renovation with a proud mural of Fenway embossed across the entire front half of the room and a professionally painted Green Monster Mural in the back of the room, making you feel like your in the ball park itself!

We also have in game promotions, prizes and specials for every Sox game, including a basket of wings and a cold Sam Adams Octoberfest for only $11, the best part? You get to take home your very own limited edition Sox pint glass! Oh and you and your friends can automatically enter to win a VIP Sam Adams Brewery Tour too! We also have $3 Coors Light Bottles and $3 Bud Light Drafts because we know baseball isnt complete without a cold beer and vise versa. Find the first round schedule below and join us for every game. Yelling at the TV's, Proudly singing Sweet Caroline, chanting for our team and (mild) cursing at the Yankees is permitted here .. LETS GO RED SOX !!!

Game 1 - Friday | 10/5 - 7:32 pm
Game 2- Saturday | 10/6 - 8:15 pm
Game 3 - Monday | 10/8 - 7:40 pm
Game 4 - Tuesday | 10/9 - 8:07 pm
Game 5 - Thursday | 10/11 - 7:40 pm (TBD)

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