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May 16, 2019
There is nothing better than playoff hockey. The adrenline rushes, close calls, flying fists & nail biting anticipation. As bostonians this is only amplified when our Boston Bruins are skating toward lord stanley's coveted cup! So if you can't make it to the "Gahden" watch all the action with us! 50+ Giant-HD TV's immerse you in the ultimate playoff hockey experience + so much more!

Not only will you be surrounded by every coveted minute of the Bruins Quest for the cup action here at Scoreboard.. you'll get some pretty great perks for watching with us. 1) Throw on your favorite Bruins gear.. and we're giving you 15 % off your food purchases when you watch the game with us. Whether its an old time fav's jersey like Chara, Bergeron or Marchand or a new star like Pasta. You sport your black & yellow and we're rewarding you for it! 2) Enjoy select in game specials, prizes & promotions such as our Bruins $3 Bud Light Draft Special, because we all know hockey simply isnt the same without a cold brew in hand! 3) You'll be surrounded by some of the best/biggest Bruins fans on the planet. From the staff to the patrons... we BLEED BLACK & GOLD! Its #InOurBlood. So while you may be worried about your manners in a public setting as you yell at the TV's or dis a ref on his BS call.. or cheer on the fight that just broke out at the blue line.. we assure you, you're in good company here. Call us the judgement free zone... that is unless you are a Hurricanes fan, because we are likely judging you HARD!

In our not so humble Bostonian opinion, the Bruins are absolutely crushing the Hurricanes! They currently lead the series 3-0 and could cinch the Eastern Conference Finals tonight and advance to the FINAL ROUND! Skating their way on step closer to raising the coveted cup once again and we can't wait to watch it all go down! So head on over, grab a seat and settle in because its playoff hockey time baby!

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