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February 07, 2019
Looking for a place to host your next birthday, reunion, staff/networking event, shower, fundraiser, team outing, retirement party or general gathering of friends? Look no further than Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill! Where you bring the party, and we do the rest! Celebrate the good times with us!

There is a lot that goes in to planning any party, whether it be an extravagant birthday celebration or a low key corporate gathering, there are venue selections, guest lists, RSVP's, menu selections and so much more! We get it, it can be stressful to round up all the troops, get everyone confirmed, choose a menu to suit all your guests (even the vegans, gluten free, vegetarians, allergic to airatarians, if thats even a thing) choose a theme, buy decor... Frankly, we're stressed just thinking of it! However, it shouldn't be that stressful! I repeat- it shouldn't be that stressful! Luckily- we have the perfect remedy to your party planning woes! Book with us in our brand new event space, and allow our team of dedicated professional event staff to handle all the details for you so you can worry about the larger issues at hand - like Uncle Gary bringing his 6th wife and upsetting Aunt Joan... We've outlined the perfect reasons to book your event with us below!

1. Brand new, sleek and modern event space. I mean, the subway tile, chalk art, wooden butcher block and modern finishes are enough to make all your guests swoon! Impress your guests with this stunning new space. Fittingly situated behind a mural of Fenway park's Green Monster. Aptly named our "Monster Kitchen" which will fufill alll your event buffet needs & more!

2. Flexible Room Set Ups for Mingling or Seated Events - Our floor plans are flexible - so whether you want to sit down with your guests and talk shop over a decadent meal or play cornhole with a beer in hand amongst friends, we can do it all!

3. Creative & Customizable Event Menus and Cocktail Selections
- We know that nothing is less true than the dreaded " One Size Fits All" saying... ESPECIALLY when it comes to food. Our event and culinary team will work with you every step of the way to concoct the most suiting menu for you and your guests. With everything from your fan favorite finger foods to customizable Mashed Potato Martini Bars & more!

Thinking of a specialty cocktail for your event? Our experienced and dedicated bar staff are always eager to mix something new! Throw your ideas at us and let us bring the vision to life! Whether its a watermelon mule, a drink to fit your theme or a cocktail from back in the day... we can make it happen!

5. Live Music Every Friday & Saturday Night - We feature live music by some of the regions best bands every Friday and Saturday night here at Scoreboard! And what is better than a live band for you and your guests to dance the night away to? We can't think of much! #MostEpicPartyEver? PLUS- the majority of our bands come with NO COVER CHARGE so your package price INCLUDES the LIVE MUSIC that would otherwise cost hundreds or maybe even thousands for FREE to you and your fellow party goers! (Insert happy victory dance here)

6. Personal Event Consultant Every Step of the Way -
Event Manager, Alexia truly LOVES what she does. As quoted by Alexia " I love working with my clients to bring their visions to life, from the small details to the major components, nothing beats the feeling of happy clients and successful events" Alexia has sucessfully planned everything from whimsical bridal showers, swanky birthday bashes to family friendly gatherings (see photos below) in our new event space here at Scoreboard! As a certified interior designer, her visions extend far beyond the walls of our sports bar. Don't know where or how to create invites for your guests or simply don't have the time? Choose an ala carte option and let Alexia design the perfect invite for you! Need an idea for your theme, or decor assistance? Tack on another ala carte option and Alexia will take it from there! It really is THAT easy!

Alexia is eager to start planning your perfect event today!
Call her at 781.897.4069 or email at amanning@cpbos.com to get started today!

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