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ANTI Valentines Day Bash at Scoreboard Fri Feb 15!!!
February 13, 2019
Gather your friends who are just as over it as you are, and set yourselves up for a night of non-romantic revelry as we rebel against Valentines Day on Friday Feb 15th here at Scoreboard! Lets face it, whether you are in a relationship or not, i think most can agree that Valentines Day is a poofy, over marketed "Hallmark Holiday" Sure, chocolates, (the ever so cliche) roses and over priced stuffed bears are great (When your 12...) but want to know whats even better? A party dedicated to everything that Valentines Day is NOT! The theme? Thank You, Next. (P.S... Thank you Arianna Grande for arguably THE BEST ladies Anthem and empowering song ever) The Dress Code? Black and Red! But to make it truly epic, we've uped the ANTI ( see what we did there- pun intended!) Keep reading fellow ANTI V-Day'ers this is worth it..

As we approach Feb. 14, a question forced upon everyone's minds is how they'll be spending Valentine's Day, a holiday enjoyed by few and suffered through by many. If you see the date more as Single Awareness Day (SAD), or a day when you'll be subjected to sappy couples overflowing restaurants and bars, and more PDA than you can shake a stick at, then you're in good company here, because shaking a stick at a heart-shaped piñata is so much more fun...( & YES THERE WILL BE A HEART SHAPED PINATA TO SMASH) What will be in this beacon symbolizing the coveted cause of this newly founded ANTI V-DAY you ask? Candy (obviously) Scoreboard gift cards, with a grand prize $100 Gift Card, Free movie tickets to next door's cinema, Scoreboard swag and some surprises we have up our sleeves that are just too juicy to reveal online. However a little birdie told us that Boston Sporting Event Tickets may be up for grabs..,.

But that's not all.. After all what is a night of non romantic revelry without dancing the night away alongside your crew? LIVE MUSIC begins at 9 pm by Business Time ( one of the areas best bands! - voted by "The Knot") Promising to keep you dancing all night long! And what is a night of dancing without a cocktail or two? We have that covered too! Special Guest Ketel One joins us with a hand crafted cocktail list of ANTI V-Day concoctions featuring Ketel One Botanicals, an absolutely delicious line of vodkas infused with real fruit botanicals, and the best part? They are GUILT FREE, with NO artificial flavors, NO Artifical sugars or sweeteners, NO carbs and 100 % NON GMO Ingredients! So Ladies, Indulge without the guilt! Your ex may have made you feel guilty a time or two, but WE WON'T!!! Ketel One will be sampling these delectable delights and toting TONS of FREE prizes, swag and more!

Want to end the night on a sweet note with arguably the ONLY acceptable V-Day Treat? We will be serving plump, fresh, decadent Chocolate Covered Strawberries all night long and for only $1 each!!! Treat 'yo self because it doesn't get sweeter than that!

The Most Epic ANTI VALENTINES DAY PARTY in The Boston Area? Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill. Where? 15 Middlesex Canal Park Drive, Woburn, MA. Reservations? 781.897.4000 $5 COVER AT THE DOOR! Ladies get in FREE before 10 PM! Visit scoreboardwoburn.com or call 781-897-4000 to book your table today!
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