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5 Best Ways To Watch The NFL Playoffs
January 03, 2018
Its Football playoff season!!! Which calls for die hard fans from around the globe fearlessly cheering on their favorite teams! Tis the season for face paint, boisterous yelling at the TV and endless appetizers for everyone. But what is BEST way to really watch the game? Read here to find out.

1) Perhaps the single most important aspect of the game - THE TV! After all what good is watching the game if your TV isn't High Def to capture every crisp moment, touch down, pass, fumble and play. And if your TV is faulty, well then your risking potentially missing the most pivotal moments in sports history. Cough Cough... The Pats coming back from a 3-28 deficit. So make sure the TV is Large, HD and fully functional. Don't want to stress about this? Join us at Scoreboard, where EVERY GAME is on all 50 + HD TV's & the REGIONS ONLY 110" Video wall for a unparalleled viewing experience.

2) THE FOOD- Okay, so we all know game day is really about the food. The wings, buffalo chicken dip, sliders, and endless comfort food that you can only glutinously indulge in during the playoffs. Don't feel like cooking? Our full menu has all these delicious delights served every day. From wings, pretzel sticks, plump potato skins, gourmet burgers and more. Can't join us for the game? Call ahead and we'll have your food ready to go and impress your friends come game day. Oh and did we mention that every pats game you get FREE wings at half time! Does it really get better than that?

3) THE BEER - And now to the third most important factor in watching the playoffs. Is it really even a playoff game without a cold one in your hand? We think not! We have over 30 brews on tap and a BRAND NEW CRAFT BEER CORNER, pouring local favorites and more! So skip the 36 rack and let our staff bring you a cold one each time you run low.

4) THE CROWD- Playoff games are high energy, with every pass, fumble, and yard making us anxious fans hearts beat and palms sweat. But when our team scores, us New Englanders know how to celebrate. After all, what fun is a game with a boring crowd? If you want the BEST place to watch the game, high energy crowd that will ramp you up from kick off to the end of the 4th, Scoreboard is the place to be. Don't believe me? Click the link to watch the video below. Channel 4 News even showed up to interview our fans

5) THE GAME- Here at Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill, we are all DIE HARD Patriots Fans. Tom Brady is the equivalent to our God and if you think otherwise, you are wrong. However, we wont judge you ( ok- maybe a little) if you cheer for another team. And we will still have EVERY GAME on EVERY DAY of the playoffs. So no matter who you cheer for you can't go wrong with us. After all we've been voted Boston's Best Sports Bar 7 Years in a Row.
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